Labbayk ya Hussain(a.s)

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Please Recite Salawaat and Surah al-Fatiha for all Marhumeen and Shohada.

7 Responses so far.

  1. kumayl says:

    MashaALLAH(s.t.)..very good.. excellent...
    Keep it up...
    - Kumayl H.V.

  2. Mustafa says:

    salamun Alaikum WRWB

    Nice work, but in this website (blog), i cannot find your email address. I want to send you a picture (nature type) and want to discuss about it.
    Mustafa Hussain

  3. Admin_Sajjad says:

    Salaamun alaikum

    Thanks once again for feedback.My Email address is

    Remember me in your prayers
    Mohammad Sajjad

  4. Anonymous says:

    its interesting to see the way you write Labbayk

    Mustafa Hussain

  5. Admin_Sajjad says:

    Sorry that was a spelling mistake.


  6. Anonymous says:

    good keep it up

  7. Admin_Sajjad says:

    Thank you !
    But please its better to write your name !


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